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Parcel 18 - The Pearl-Qatar, Doha, Qatar

Parcel 18 is a residential development located on The Pearl-Qatar: a ground-breaking $2.5 billion man-made island in the Arabian Gulf, off the coast of Doha, and one of the world’s largest construction projects.

The construction of The Pearl-Qatar has involved a two-year reclamation process, which created 4,000,000 m2 of new land, with a 32 km shoreline. Once the building works are completed, The Pearl-Qatar will consist of 10 distinct districts spread across 13 separate islands. There will be three luxury hotels, four marinas, three main harbours and more than 90,000 m2 of luxury retail and restaurant space. The island will be home to more than 40,000 people.

CCL was commissioned to design, manufacture and install 63,000 m2 of post-tensioned slabs at Parcel 18 (also known as Tower 31), located on the island’s largest harbour, the Porto Arabia Marina.

The solution offered by CCL minimised the quantity of steel and concrete in the floor slabs, which in turn reduced the risk of delays caused by material shortages being faced within the Gulf region. The construction process was rapid, with each new floor level - consisting off an area greater than 2000 m2, cast every 6-8 days.

The company’s vertically integrated structure ensured that its clients were provided with a design, supply and construction package that reduced delays and restrictions on site.

CCL’s involvement in the construction of more than 14 towers on The Pearl-Qatar, both ongoing and completed, includes the United Tower; various town houses, consisting of 140,000 m2 of post-tensioned slabs and 10 luxury towers at Viva Bahriya, one of the two main coves on the island.


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    Unit 8 Millennium Drive
    LS11 5BP
    United Kingdom

    T: +44 (0) 113 270 1221
    E: enquiries@cclint.com